Love Notes

June 17th & 18th, 2016
deSeversky Mansion

Sojourner and her team helped us pull off a two-day interfaith wedding that was stylish, beautifully orchestrated, and best of all, stress-free due to their amazing advance as well as day-of co-ordination skills! We were impressed with Erganic Design throughout the wedding planning process — Sojourner really goes above and beyond to concentrate on the small details, is incredibly responsive, is great at managing/sourcing vendors and keeping you on track, and has great suggestions/design skills without being pushy about certain choices over others. I was a pretty hands-off bride due to being so busy with work, but Sojourner still managed to capture all the personalized details I wanted from our conversations and work them into the two days so it was a really “us” wedding.

The other reviews are also correct when they talk about “concierge” level service — more than a few instances of exceptional service come to mind, including when my string quartet dropped out two weeks before the wedding and Sojourner found me (multiple) replacements within 3 hours of my emailing her on a Saturday morning! The team also collected all my favors, found objects, random other accessories, etc., in Manhattan and drove them to the venue for me and set up everything before I even arrived, co-ordinated with all our vendors behind the scenes (including by following up with them in the weeks approaching the wedding to make sure everything would run perfectly and no last minute details were missed) so I barely had to send an email myself, organized all the vendor payments, reminded us when certain milestones and due dates were coming up, etc.

Everyone who came to my wedding said it was magazine worthy and that’s really due to Erganic Design’s superior eye for design. The day also ran smoothly thanks to their excellent (but not intrusive) day of co-ordination services – they had multiple people in various locations managing things, providing reassurance, dealing with last minute schedule changes (down to the small details – such as having emergency detergent on hand when I got a stain on my dress and being at the ready to sew on groomsmen’s tux buttons when they fell off literally minutes before walking into the church!)

I can also recommend their invite/day-of stationery services – really unusual and unique. We got tons of complements on how cohesive everything was.

Finally, Sojourner and her team are genuinely nice people that will put you at ease throughout the planning process. We never felt like we were coming second to their other clients; and Sojourner is very even tempered and positive (even when I was approaching bridezilla at times). I truly don’t think you will find a better planner in the tristate area. Happy to provide any further info to anyone interested in their services!


Westbury Manor

I am so thankful for Sojourner and her team – they helped us have an amazing and flawless wedding day. The outcome was more than we could’ve hoped for! From beginning to end, they were very professional and responsive to all of our questions and concerns and helped us figure out what would work best for our needs and wedding day vision. Sojourner also provides custom stationery services which truly gave a unique touch to our stationery items. The value Erganic provides is truly worth it. The only qualm I have (if that’s even what I could call it) is that I wish I could’ve experienced a closer working relationship with the team, which was a bit difficult to do while I lived in another state and traveled very often for my work. Nonetheless it did not take away from how beautiful our wedding turned out and I truly thank them for everything they invested into making our day special. I would highly recommend Sojourner to plan your wedding day!


Liberty Warehouse

My fiance and I, husband now, decided to get a planner as one of the first decisions we made. Our choice to get one was largely due to our busy schedules. We found Erganic Design on The Knot and went largely by reviews and pictures. It turned out to be our best wedding planning decision by far. Here are 10 things you should know about our experience with Erganic design and Sojourner specifically: 1. She is extremely detail oriented: Trust me, the devil is in the details. 2. She listens and does not impose her preferences on you: There is nothing more refreshing than someone who allows your voice to come through and have your event be your event while still giving it the polish and finish it needs. 3. She does not try to sell you services you don’t need or care for. 4. She is just as good a project manager as she is a designer. 5. She loves what she does. 6. She has a very large pool of vendors to recommend at different price points, but does not lock you into using her recommended vendors. 7. Did I mention she is extremely detail oriented? She forgets nothing. 8. She has a good working relationship with several venues and is familiar with their respective practices and policies. 9. She is patient and puts no pressure on you, ever. 10. She is extremely knowledgeable about her industry and became our Google for the duration of the planning. Throughout our experience, there were constant reminders that we made the right choice in going with Erganic Design. We had about 300 guests and a lot of opportunity for chaos. Our guests could not stop speaking about (and they weren’t just being polite) how great our wedding was. Yep, we would do it again. Not get married again :-), but we would use Erganic design again, maybe their interior design services when we buy our first home!


Villa Sao Paolo, Portugal


Sojourner and her team helped my husband and I to choose a location and venue, and then subsequently to plan our destination wedding. In the pre-planning process, Sojourner and her team provided us with many well-researched options and helped us choose a destination that was right for us and our guests.

Erganic Design was very receptive to our needs. My husband and I have very different styles, and Erganic Design was able to make us both feel heard.

In terms of budgeting, Sojourner and team were constantly refined the budget, solicited proposals, and negotiated on our behalf with over a dozen vendors — all from abroad. Every detail, including delivery schedules, advanced payments and day-of payments were tracked and communicated to my husband as well as to the vendors.

When we did inevitably go over budget with our wants and desires, Erganic Design was able to reign it back in without compromising our vision of the overall experience.

What made this especially noteworthy, was that Erganic Design was sensitive to wire transfer fees, foreign exchange currency exposure, and other budget details that only my husband seemed to care about 😉

My husband was especially impressed that the day-of payments to vendors were exactly as anticipated and were handled in a discrete and confident manner.

After a tremendous amount of planning and work, we finally got to our wedding day, which was perfect. Erganic Design’s attention to detail, particularly on the day of, made us feel cared for and relaxed. Our guests appeared to have a great time as well. Everything went off without a hitch.

In addition to our wedding and related events, we also asked Erganic Design to organize several tours given that it was a destination wedding. The details were quite complicated, and yet the Erganic Design team maintained control over the budget and the execution of the non-day-of events as well as the actual wedding day.

We highly recommend Sojourner and her team!


Sleepy Hollow Country Club

Sojourner and her team were a true pleasure to work with. From the beginning stages of ceremony and reception searches to invitation design, event design, music and event design and the after party, Sojourner was able to thoughtfully listen and recommend many options to enhance my vision. She is a consummate professional that is extremely organized and will keep you within budget while providing you with a variety of options for every vendor. Erganic Design was also much more than a wedding planning team as they also produced my stunning invitation suite and the actual event production including the flowers that were absolutely magnificent. I couldn’t recommend them enough.


Studio 450

Unfortunately, having worked in the wedding industry and experienced it as a bride, you sometimes feel like just another customer. With Erganic Design, never once did I feel anything less than a VIP Bride. Sojourner and her team were exceptionally professional and caring throughout the entire planning process. Sojourner let me know from the beginning that she would be as hands on as I wanted her to be. Well, she was everything you could ever imagine in a planner — she was part planner, friend, sounding-board, negotiator, and a few times, therapist. She also perfected my wedding day vision, even though I was barely able to articulate or describe it. She is clearly skilled at extracting your likes and dislikes and creating an event that reflects everything you’d hope it would be and more. Overall, our goal was to celebrate our union without breaking the bank. I can honestly say that we have absolutely no regrets about any of the money we spent. With Sojourner by our side, we would do it all again and we’re looking forward to the anniversary parties!!! Not many honest brides will say that. I promise you one thing, hiring Erganic Design will absolutely ensure a no-regret event!



Angel Orensanz

Planning a wedding in New York City, at a venue where you have to bring in everything down to the napkins can be extremely overwhelming. And that’s just what I was when I called Sojourner at Erganic Design. It was by far the best decision I made in the entire wedding planning process.

My husband and I had gotten through some of the larger decision making hurdles before reaching out to Sojourner. We had booked the venue, caterer (we literally had to bring in everything to the venue), band, florist, and photographer. The panic started settling in the moment we had to think about less big picture things/details like transportation around NYC for us and our guests, rentals (of everything), setting things up, coordinating everything, and dealing with our vendors (more to come on this later).

We also knew what we wanted the general feel of our wedding to be, but I had no idea how to articulate it. Sojourner and her team took the time to listen to us to truly get a sense of who we were and what we wanted our day to be like. Sojourner never tried to push an agenda on us and never tried to sell us on doing things her way. She literally took every idea of ours and made it come to life, no matter how difficult or different it may have been. I can’t begin to describe how impressive this was. Not once did Sojourner or her team lose their patience (believe me there were plenty of opportunities for the team to lose it) or tell us that something just couldn’t be done. If we wanted family style appetizers with tables that weren’t conducive to that setup, she sat with us, went through how it would work, any downfalls, and helped us come up with workarounds to do things a bit differently while still achieving the feel we wanted.

Most importantly, Sojourner and her team were beyond patient throughout the entire planning process. There were some large Type A personalities involved in our wedding planning. Everyone from our parents, to our florist who was a family member, to our caterer, there was not a second without competing opinions. Sojourner and her team handled everything that was thrown at them like pros. I still don’t know how they didn’t lose their mind halfway through our planning because I sure did.

There are not enough words to describe how over-the-moon happy I was on our wedding day. Andrea, a member of Sojourner’s team, was with me the entire day. Because of Andrea, I did not have one worry in my mind the entire time leading up to the wedding. She took care of EVERYTHING. Andrea made sure we weren’t falling behind, took care of getting the guys to where they needed to be on time (that’s an accomplishment in itself) and just literally having my back all day. I would have paid Erganic’s fee (which was beyond reasonable) just to have Andrea with me that day.

While Andrea was with me, making sure everything was going smoothly on our end, Sojourner and the rest of her team were focused on setting up our venue. To this day I am still struck by how amazing everything looked. Sojourner made everything that we had planned for over a year come to life and look better than I could have ever imagined. They took care of everything. I still get emotional when I think about first walking into the space. She blew me away and made me so beyond happy. I can’t thank Sojourner, Andrea, and the team enough. I would HIGHLY recommend Erganic Design to anyone!! They are the best!


Skylight West

Our wedding was a huge success thanks to Sojourner and her team at Erganic Design. From our first phone call with her, Sojourner was warm, interested in learning about us as a couple, responsive, and demonstrated a passion for making sure that we had the wedding of our dreams.

Sojourner’s strength lies in her ability to listen well to what we were asking for, and translate the bits and pieces of our vision into one elegant event that represented who we are as a couple. For example, Sojourner created design concept boards with everything from our color palette, to sample floral arrangements, seating arrangements, lighting ideas, and textures, colors and shapes for our approval. We were thrilled by the way that she captured our ideas so clearly and even made them better.

Another special touch was when Sojourner did a mock up of our reception. She created a table with floral arrangements, place settings, and demonstrated to us exactly the ambience that she would later create for us on a larger scale. It was the moment when we felt like our wedding had come together.

Throughout the planning process, Sojourner was available to talk, made us feel like we were her priority, recommended wonderful vendors, and made the whole process enjoyable. We knew we were in good hands. Not only that, but Sojourner was willing to include our parents in the planning process. This was so important to us.

On the day of, Sojourner and her team made the entire process stress-free. Not once did I worry. Sojourner worked her magic behind the scenes and all I saw was the beauty of the day that she helped us to create. Walking into the ceremony on my father’s arm, I felt absolutely relaxed, and completely surrounded by love and joy.

Sojourner truly cares about the couples that she works for. It comes through in every correspondence and is felt in the care she puts into her work. My husband and I recommend her without reservation to any couple planning their wedding.


Gary’s Loft

My husband and I had no idea what to do for our wedding. We were unsure of expensives, no idea what we really wanted and we had no clue how to get the things that we did know. Sojourner and her team helped us with EVERYTHING wedding related along the way. We honestly don’t know what would have been done without her. We wanted little involvement along the way – we were both very busy and only wanted to bother with making decisions based up the choices she would offer us. We never once felt overwhelmed and knew from the start that giving our vision and trust over to her team was the best thing to do.

We were both so speechless on the day of our wedding. Sojourner made our wedding look as if we spent quadruple what we actually did. She captured our ideas and made them come to life in a way that we would have never imagined. The lighting, flowers and decor were jaw dropping gorgeous. So beautiful that I almost felt the need to tell people that we really didn’t just spend our life savings on this wedding even though it looked like we did.
As far as planning – Sojourner made sure we were always on budget and keeping to our timeline. She managed all of our to-dos and pay schedules. She was the liason between all of our vendors – even the ones that we found on our own (my hairstylist).
Last but not least, Sojourner has an amazing relationship with so many vendors. She offered us lists of people to see within our budget and ever vendor we met with seemed like they were a perfect fit for our wedding – this was great but tough when you are having to make final decisions.
I would recommend Erganic Design for your wedding or event without a doubt! The professionalism, passion, and talent in this team is the best one could ever expect. I feel quite sad in many ways that I will no longer be working with ED – by the time our wedding day came I felt like ED was part of our family.


Midtown Loft & Terrace

Erganic Design was perfect from beginning to end. I do not like to plan anything so needless to say the thought of planning my wedding alone caused me anxiety. I actually put it off for an entire year before finally deciding to hire a planner.

Hiring Erganic Design was the best decision I made. The entire wedding planning process went smoothly from picking the ceremony and reception location to the day of. They have a great network of vendors which they can recommend. All I had to do was interview the vendors and decide who to hire. Instead of stressing I was able to focus on the fun stuff like the food and cake tastings.

The day of the wedding was the best. They had everything completely under control and I didn’t have to worry about any of the set up or other day of activities. Alexandra was my attendant for the day and she was on top of everything, and made sure we stuck to our schedule.
Overall, I highly recommend Erganic Design to anyone looking to hire a planner. They were very courteous and professional. They were always available to answer my questions. Their services allowed me to enjoy my engagement and my wedding day.


Angel Orensanz

Erganic Design is one stop shopping for creating a glorious event. Our wedding was the most amazing wedding I have ever been to in my life, by far, and Sojourner had a lot to do with making it so.


Angel Orensanz

We met with a few ‘day of’ coordinators before we had a phone meeting with Sojourner. Many of them were looking for something to make out wedding “different” or “memorable” when what we were looking for was simply a really great party where our friends and family would have a lot of fun. She totally got it. Within five minutes of chatting with her, my groom and I felt instantly taken care of and in good hands. We booked her on the spot.

All throughout the process, she walked us through each moment, answered our endless questions and had a great attitude.

On the day of, everything went off without a hitch. I had no stress or worries on the wedding day, it was perfect, and I credit Sojourner for keeping everything together.


Turks & Caicos 

We love Sojourner and Alex and we are so happy we chose to work with Erganic Design for our wedding. The women at ED are smart, intellectual, professional, creative and just good people. Erganic Design helped us plan our destination wedding at The Grace Bay club ins Turks and Caicos and it would have been impossible to have planned such an amazing event with out them. Sojourner and team coordinated with all the local vendors and helped us with all the contracts. They were also with us throughout the weekend making sure everything went off without a hitch. Beyond these services ED helped us design and process our invitations, website and day of stationary. One of the aspects of working with ED that my husband and I were so impressed with was how responsive they were. We only had to meet face to face with the team 2x throughout the 8 months of working with them. Most of our communication was over email or via conference call. For two busy professionals like ourselves this made our lives so much easier and less stressful. Moreover, Sojourner and team really understood what was important to us and really helped to make our wedding such a memorable event that represented us.



The Desmond Tutu Center

Dear Sojourner and all of the Erganic Team,

Our deepest appreciation for the time, effort and hard work that went into planning us the perfect wedding day!  It was by far the best day of our lives and we are so glad to have had you play such a large part.  Will send along pictures soon!  xoxo

— Chris and Bonnie Herche

Location 05

Sojourner was an ideal wedding planner — calm, helpful, professional, inventive, gracious, and very well organized. We had only two months to plan our wedding, which was a substantial challenge, but with Sojourner’s recommendations, we found a band many guests said was the best wedding band they’d ever heard, and a caterer many said prepared the best wedding food they’d ever eaten. (Believe me, our friends and family do not freely offer compliments. Happily, we agreed with their appraisals.) Sojourner was prompt in returning every email and phone message, even at nights and on weekends, and everyone we met from Erganic Design was professional and good-spirited. We could not possibly recommend her more enthusiastically!

— Robert Tannenbaum

The Woodlands

I have nothing but glowing comments to say about Erganic Design! For over a year, I worked one-on-one with Sojourner planning my special day. She is everything I was looking for in a wedding planner: intelligent, articulate, responsive, calm, and creative. Sojourner was present at my vendor meetings and helped negotiate our contracts to ensure that everything was correct. (I’m an attorney and she was spot-on with everything she said.) Sojourner was the voice of reason throughout the whole planning process.

They ran my practice ceremony at my rehearsal dinner and was there every step of the way during the wedding. They were amazing! In addition to, Sojourner had a team of 4 assistants at our wedding to make sure everything went smoothly. They were all very professional. My wedding was truly the best day of my life (thus far). I could not have done it without Erganic Design! I highly recommend them!!!!!

— Rachel Glickman

Montauk Club

Sojourner and the Erganic team were amazing! They provided excellent day of coordination services. Perhaps even more importantly, they designed all of our decor and flowers. I didn’t have strong feelings about flowers so I gave them complete freedom to do what they thought was best. I was blown away by how amazing everything looked and by how much I loved my bouquet. Everything went perfectly on my wedding day and I know it is because of Sojourner and her entire team’s hard work. They’re the best!!

— Noel Hohnstine

Congressional Club, D.C.

Sojourner and Erica from Erganic Design were my angels on my wedding day! I can honestly say that my wedding exceeded all of my expectations thanks to them. I am an incredibly detail orientated, take charge person so it was not easy for me to relinquish control during the most important day of my life. Knowing I was relinquishing control to them was the only way I could have done it and still had the best time of my life. Our wedding was a high-end Washington, D.C. event but Erganic Design was a huge help in showing me ways to cost save in the right areas. They were uterally professional and organized. I can never thank them enough nor recommend them enough. They are the best in the business.

— Kathleen Lungren

The Xchange – New York City

I didn’t decide to get a day of event coordinator until the last minute, and I was really glad I did. Sojourner was very helpful, and friendly, and I truly appreciated her service. My wedding went on without a hitch, and she was always available via email for questions. I would highly recommend her services. She handled all of the red tape of the wedding, and I didn’t have to worry. She’s efficient, and autonomous, so she handled everything unless there was truly an issue, which there weren’t any. She communicated well, and kept me in the loop. Their contract was comprehensive, and she delivered all the services that were listed, and more. She went above and beyond the call of duty, and if I could do it again, even though the wedding was perfect, I would have hired her to plan the whole thing. She’s amazing. I wish there were more than 5 stars to give her!

— Isis Umana

Glen Island Harbour Club – New Rochelle, NY

I just wanted to let you know how absolutely delighted we were with Erganic for our wedding. Numerous people commended your team throughout the night. Glen Island went out of their way to tell us how pleasant your team was (I’m not sure if that means that outside coordinators typically are not, but your professionalism and friendliness were noted).   My maid of honor also noted how you guys picked up the handling of all the little here and theres that came up. Ayo and I had an amazing day and night. We remarked afterwards that the key to our truly enjoying our day was having an amazing team behind us and you guys were a key part of that. Everything from having Erica stay the whole day, your shuttling of our stuff back and forth to Glen Island in the morning, making sure we had everything when we left and giving me a lift home!

It was a very special and very perfect day –thank you again.

— Natasha and Ayo

Manhattan Penthouse – New York City

I met with Sojourner about 11 months before my wedding. I am not from NY originally and felt the task of planning an NYC wedding without my mom and sister here to help was daunting. I interviewed ELEVEN potential planners and Sojourner was “it” from the start. She was calm, even-keeled and down to earth. Her background in architecture caught me immediately. She really got my vision for my wedding! I ended up using ED for their full planning services as well as design/decor. They were wonderful! Communicative, supportive, organized, and with me the day-of (a whole team!). The room looked STUNNING! It was exactly what I wanted and the wedding went off perfectly! Truly a magical day that was made possible by Sojourner and her team at Erganic Design. I highly and wholeheartedly recommend them for any and all events!

— Meredith & Jonathan

Coney Island USA {Museum} – Brooklyn, NY

Sojourner and her team were instrumental in turning our wedding plans into reality. We particularly needed help with table decor design; we knew that we wanted fall colors and elements, but had no idea how to put it all together. Erganic Design listened to our vague ideas and came up with simple and beautiful arrangements of miniature gourds and pumpkins, wheat, dried craspedia, and candles that blended perfectly into a very colorful space (Sideshows by the Sea, in Coney Island). They also did an excellent job designing the layout of the space, which has hosted very few weddings (but which should host more!), and orchestrated a complete transformation from bar/museum/performance venue to wedding reception venue and back again in half a day’s time. And they did all this for a VERY reasonable price; the other planner I interviewed would have been twice the price for half the work. Our friends raved about our wedding, which we never could have pulled off without Erganic Design. I warmly recommend them!

— Bay & Juan

82 Mercer St. SOHO – NY

Erganic Design helped me plan my wedding from start to finish, including choosing the right venue, setting a budget, design, and logistics. I work 12 hour days and did not have the time or the talent to plan, design, and execute a 250-person wedding. E.D. was critical in helping me to plan my wedding without sacrificing my job or going insane. The team was excellent! Key strengths: (1) Communication- E.D. was very responsive over email, phone, etc. If you are the type of person who needs efficient, succinct, and consistent communication, choose them! (2) Design- I had a New York loft wedding, and the tables and layout were excellent. I’m not the kind of person who does design, and the planners at E.D. helped put everything together in a way that I never could have. We received compliments from all of our guests on the flowers and decor (E.D. put us in touch with great vendors for all). Also, E.D. designed our invitations (gorgeous) which made them a lot less expensive than buying from an invitation store. (3) Efficiency. Along the lines of good communication, everything was done efficiently and effectively. This includes comparative budgets for the different venues we looked at to begin with, good insight as to the “hidden” costs of venues including bar prices, lighting, etc. Day-of program was timed to the T. Overall, we had a great experience with Erganic Design. None of the ridiculousness of the TV-like wedding planners (and much less cost), great design services, great communication, great execution.

— Justine & Rob

82 Mercer St. SOHO – NYC

{from the mother & father of the bride!}

I keep thinking about the pictures of the venue which I’d I accessed on the internet and I was really worried. But you did a spectacular job in making it look beautiful. Also, messing with all those ordinances . . .!
The flowers:  The flowers were exceptional-both for the cocktail hour and the hall. I loved how you incorporated the green orchids on the tables. I was so sorry that we were not going home so that I might have taken them home with me. I LOVED them all! Thanks for suggesting the same-colored napkins; it looked perfect!

The cake: I think that the cake worked out beautifully. Regardless of the fact that Justine and Rob did not want a wedding cake, people WAITED for it!

The lighting:  You were miracle workers.

The menus and place cards-beautiful!

Generally, while we omitted to thank you, Malene and Erica publicly (this may serve as a reminder to a couple in the future, to co-ordinate the speeches), Dave and I want to thank you so very much for the wonderful wedding you helped put together for Justine and Rob. We (and, especially I) appreciated your patience, Sojourner, creativity, talent and level-headedness throughout the year. As mentioned before, one selects the people in whom one can place one’s trust; you (and your group) followed through spectacularly. I also know that Justine and Rob had definite ideas about what they wanted and you keyed into them beautifully.

Thank you again, very, very much, for being instrumental in making the wedding the beautiful function it was. (Also, a very big think you to your husband and children for letting you work so hard.) I shall miss the emails!

Our very best wishes to all of you in your company and we wish you every success. We’ll be the first to recommend you!

Very appreciatively,
— Zee and Dave Fisher

Prince George Ballrom – NYC

I love Erganic Design! Working with Erganic Design was a wonderful experience. The ladies are professional, and are a pleasure to work with! My wedding went off without a hitch! I truly enjoyed every bit of my wedding and I know they played a big role in that!

— K. Espinal

The Foundry – LIC

Without a doubt and in all honesty, Sojourner Auguste and the Erganic Design team was the best money I spent on my entire wedding. My only regret is that I only hired them for day-of coordination and not to plan and design the entire wedding. They were unbelievably professional, organized, and kind, and did everything in their power to put me and my family at ease on my wedding day. I did not worry about a single thing and the day was smooth and care free. I was so pleasantly surprised that though she was hired for “day-of” coordination only, Sojourner met with me once, then once with my fiance and parents, and then did not one but two walk-throughs of our venue prior to the wedding. It truly felt like she was going above and beyond the call of duty. She payed attention to details I didn’t even think of and worked in cooperation with my other vendors beautifully. Sojourner and Erica seemed so genuinely excited about my day and concerned about my happiness. I literally have no complaints whatsoever with the work they did and can’t say enough good things in support of them. I highly recommend you hire them.

— Jessica Shapiro

3 West Club – NYC

As a Day Of/Month out Coordinator, Sojourner and her team were truly a pleasure to work with. Sojourner has a lovely, calm demeanor, and did a wonderful job handling our vendors. Her visual/architectural background was a huge added bonus. We felt like she really understood what we wanted our wedding to look like, and she came up with great, budget-conscious ideas that completely transformed the space. When we first walked into the ceremony on our wedding day, we were absolutely blown away. It was even more stunning than we’d imagined. The reception was equally magical. We received many, many compliments from our guests, who all told us that our wedding was one of the most beautiful they’d ever been to. We’re so happy with Erganics and recommend them without reservation!!

— Eleanory Yu

Studio 450 – NYC

Sojourner Auguste and her team were a godsend to my bride and I as they were the quarterback for our event so we could sit back and enjoy our big day. We were looking for a day of coordinator for our loft wedding at Studio 450, but Erganic Design ended up doing even more for us for a incredible value. We met with the coordinator three times at Studio 450 over the last couple of months leading up to the big day. They did several scale layouts for the ceremony (onsite), cocktail and reception- and that made us feel much more comfortable with the white space. I wholeheartedly refer their services which took so much pressure off of us as we handed the ball over to them a couple of weeks before and they handled the rest. They printed all the escort and table cards for us; ordered our rentals; coordinated our vendors; did bathroom decor; lighting; and surprised us with a candy/sweet dessert station to go along with our cupcakes/brownies from Baked. Sojourner Auguste who is the main point person is incredible – on the day of she brought along three other people to help. They went far above and beyond and are a joy to work with.

— Chris Wang


I know NYC just about as well as I know Tokyo – in other words, not at all! Yet, I was interested in having my wedding in the big city. Sojourner was most helpful helping me define the feel I wanted, and then finding spaces that would capture it well. Her patience, her respectfulness and her pleasantness made me feel completely comfortable with the process. Unlike other vendors, her concern was to find what was right for me, rather than sell me venues she likes working with. She made every interaction enjoyable and I am grateful for her help.

— Marie-Josee

Studio 450 – NYC

I had a wonderful experience working with Erganic Design. They are an extremely professional, full services, wedding planning firm. I strongly recommend their services for anyone who is looking for a beautiful and elegant affair. Oh! And they’ve got wonderful taste and provide a WONDERFUL WONDERFUL value! You cannot go wrong with Erganic Design!!

— Alicia Thomas

Chateau Briand – Carle Place NY

Working with Erganic Design for our wedding was a wonderful experience. My husband and I were immediately struck by the professionalism and orgnization evidenced by Mrs. Sojourner Auguste of Erganic Design. She was extremely patient and helpful to us as we were deciding on a look for our wedding. She also really helped to put us at ease during the planning process. Our ceremony and reception floral design and decor were absolutely gorgeous! Our guests were very impressed with the use of organic calas and the ginger flowers used to accentuate the color of the bridesmaid dresses. They definately have impecable taste and paid close attention to details. Our floral piece designs were elegant, soft, beautiful, and unique and not gaudy or typical. We highly recommend working with Erganic design, as they are visually very creative and just pleasant to work with.

— Deidre Anglin