The Founders

"Maybe it’s because we love, love. Maybe it’s because we love marriage. Or Maybe it’s because we’re dreamers, who love a great story of how two people meet {our story is a fun one}!  Maybe it’s because we both make up words to fit a feeling or mood {like yumminess, texturality, or app-i-fied}, because things just have to—fit—perfectly.

"Maybe it’s because we love food – and this world of weddings and events is an exposé of what can only be deemed as “fashion-forward-food, for the dramatic epicurean.

"Maybe it’s because we’re holistic activists who will do anything to keep the children of the world as healthy as possible {and will equally do anything to help the parents of those children be as empowered and knowledgeable about how to achieve that}.

"Maybe it’s because we think every facet of you, should exude in everything you do. Maybe it’s because we live everyday true to the driving force within us, totally devoted to God.  Maybe it’s because of the joy we experience each and every time someone says 'I do...'

Or…. Maybe…. it’s just because.”

The Wife:

With a Bachelor of Architecture from Cornell University, Sojourner spent 10yrs in the world of retail architecture, working for luxury lifestyle brands, & boutique fashion brands. She has created a vast array of design concepts, complete retail environments, fixture designs, lighting and window-scapes. She ventured into the Event Design & Planning industry in 2008 by happenstance : a close friend needed help designing their wedding, and Sojourner was happy to oblige. After the success of that initial wedding came another... then another... until eventually she left the corporate world for good and launched Erganic Design.

The synergy between design & project management, has fostered the perfect recipe for beautiful, one-of-a-kind weddings and events, with larger-than-life visuals, precise timelines and respected budgets. Sojourner’s decade of high-end design and vendor management of multi-million dollar projects has been put to great use, providing clients the ultimate experience for their special event.

Sojourner is a full-time Event Designer & Planner. She’s known as the Chief M.O.M (Maker of Magic) to her clients.

The Husband:

Milo holds several degrees including a bachelors in applied Math & Statistics, a masters in Computer Science, and an MBA specializing in Information Security. He has over 20 years experience in the field of Systems and Information Technology, managing complex systems for major players including The New York Times digital. As the co-founder — Milo bridges business strategies and technology to provide powerful planning & management tools that are the catalyst for seamless {and flawless} events.

"Coffee... I love bulletproof coffee. And champagne, and wine {and whisk(e)y}. I'm a wife, mother & artist. I dance... with my 2 little boys, and laugh a lot. I love books. I need to run more. I appreciate beautiful things, and living a beautiful life."
~ Sojourner